Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Boston on $60.00 a Day

In the bright, distant early and mid 90s me and most of my friends were able to make a comfortable living by earning as little as 30 and as much as 100 bucks a night under the table at night clubs. There were also many fringe benefits.

In those days part of the package when you signed on with most venues was free drinks whenever they were open, whether or not you were working. Needless to say for most of us this was a mixed blessing.

"Club Courtesy", which technically meant free admission to shows at clubs other than one's own, was often extended to beverages by fellow travellers behind their bars.

Drug dealers always appreciated helpful information from club staffers on who the plainclothesmen and rats were, and when the owners were around. They showed their appreciation in a variety of ways.

So we didn't have it so bad in those days before the "rise of the creative class" . You could go out drinking every night and still have enough money left over to stock the fridge and keep your slutty girlfriend in thigh highs.

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mark said...

"and keep your slutty girlfriend in thigh highs"

Been there, done that.